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Volume 20 Number 4 2017


Theme of this issue: Gastrointestinal Imaging and Oncology




Highlights of this issue


Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Staging of Primary Rectal Cancer: Imaging Prognosticators
Watch-and-wait Approach for Clinical Complete Responders after Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy for Rectal Cancer

About the Cover Images


In the article "Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Staging of Primary Rectal Cancer: Imaging Prognosticators", an axial T2-weighted image shows a T3d tumour with extension beyond the mesorectal fascia (curved arrow) into the left pelvic side wall (arrow). The total mesorectal excision circumferential resection margin is clearly involved. In the article "Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Rectal Submucosal Tumours", a coronal T2-weighted image shows a large lobulated mass with a dominant exophytic component in the lower rectum with a smaller endoluminal component. The lower border of the tumour lies at the level of the puborectalis (open arrows). The external anal sphincters (arrowheads) appear atrophic but intact.